FCHC Annual Report 2016

Working Together, Better Together Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report

A Virginia Community Development Corporation An Affiliate of The NHP Foundation

Working Together, Better Together

TOGETHER, because of your generosity and a desire to grow a more inclusive city, the FCHC Virginia Community Development Corporation (FCHC) and the City of Falls Church have continued to ensure and raise the quality of life for its citizens. This relationship has embodied the spirit of what it means to be a community. Through shared ideals and a mutual understanding of how to improve the standard of living of Falls Church residents, our work has generated real change and provided beneficial services for the entire community. Your participation with FCHC has been essential to the experienced success of this invaluable partnership. Year after year, this partnership continues to produce results that our Members should be proud of, and that is what we aim to celebrate in this 2016 Annual Report. As Falls Church increases in population and develops economically, the goal of FCHC is to build on the foundations of this relationship, and be there to support residents of all backgrounds, while also serving the community as a whole. For the past three years, the Summer Intern grant from FCHC has exemplified our pledge to promote collaboration between our organization and the City of Falls Church. Please refer to pages 2–3 to see how the past and present Summer Interns have worked with Falls Church and the Department of Housing and Human Services (DHHS) to support the overall activities, expand our ability to collect and analyze research, prepare housing related reports, perform community outreach, and assist in housing program responsibilities. Through our many roles, FCHC has sustained its commitment and dedication to enhance the lives of others. As a Community Development Corporation, our organization has utilized funds from Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) to allow for seniors in Winter Hill to age in place and live comfortably. The uses of such funds have aided in assisting with a variety of renovations and innovative projects. Please see page 4 to learn how these funds have impacted residents. Determined to work together with Falls Church, FCHC has demonstrated its capacity to open its doors to everyone. This past year, FCHC completed a project at Winter Hill that will benefit all of Falls Church, specifically seniors and disabled residents. By installing an Emergency Heating and Cooling System, FCHC created a refuge for residents affected by power outages and extreme temperatures. Please see page 6 to learn more. Finally, without you, our Members, we could not have achieved a fraction of the accomplishments listed in this Annual Report. With your continued trust in FCHC, we are able to remain a participating member in this vibrant community. We hope that you stay lasting Members of FCHC, and take pride in the successes we have attained together while working with and supporting Falls Church and all of its residents. We appreciate all of your contributions, and we can’t wait to see what we are able to accomplish together next year!

Richard Burns President, FCHC a Virginia Community Development Corporation

Thomas Vaccaro Executive Director & COO, FCHC

FCHC Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report


Summer Internship Program

For the past three years FCHC has provided a

grant to the City of Falls Church to fund The Housing Policy Internship Program.

Tim Wilman

DEDICATING THEIR TIME to researching local and regional demographic changes and housing trends, the housing internship program, serves to promote the growth of recent university graduates and the development of the community. Whether it was engaging with citizens through community outreach or the Affordable Dwelling Unit (ADU) Lotteries, conducting research for the updating of public policies, or presenting in front of government officials, these young professionals received a unique opportunity to experience local government firsthand. The effort they put forth was demonstrated in the level of work they accomplished, and the wealth of information they collected and analyzed. In 2015, our initial intern, Tim Wildman, established the standard of what would eventually be expected from all future candidates, by FCHC and DHHS. Tim prepared and researched Housing for All Master Plan report, and presented it to the City Council, the Housing Commission, the Planning Commission, and the Metropolitan Council of Government Housing Directors Group. He assisted in preparing a preliminary Comprehensive Plan Draft, ADU affidavits, and a revised ADU policy for the City. While serving as a staff member for DHHS, he attended Housing Commission meetings and aided with Landlord Tenant mediation at a Broad Falls Tenant meeting. Tim’s work and experience while at DHHS encouraged FCHC to continue investing in the Housing Internship program. In 2016, Roxana Kazemi became our second Housing Intern. Roxana instantly made an impact on the staff at DHHS through her work ethic and her ability to clearly communicate with staff members and residents of the City. During her time with the program, Roxana prepared and summarized a report on housing affordability for the City, assisted in the

FCHC Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report


Roxana Kazemi

Joshua Shokoor

updating of Tenant Relocation Guidelines, prepared flyers for City programs, including one on a Town Hall meeting for the Zika Virus. She served on an interview panel for the Housing Policy Intern and created Fair Housing materials for the City’s observation of Fair Housing Month and trainings. Roxana also authored two Housing blogs for the City’s website on Housing Affordability and Fair Housing and co-wrote a Housing article for the September 2016 Virginia Town and City Magazine, titled “Falls Church Creates Opportunities for Moderate Income Workers to Rent and Own.” The 2017 Housing Policy Intern, Joshua Shokoor, followed the pattern of excellence of the past two interns. Joshua prepared an analysis for and influenced the final drafts of the department’s Comprehensive Plan, Affordable Housing Policy, and the Housing chapter’s Work Plan. He wrote, presented, and submitted a proposal for an AARP community grant to purchase and install accessible outdoor exercise equipment for seniors in the City and Joshua authored and served as a ghost writer for several “Falls Church News Press” articles educating the public on Affordable Housing. Joshua also generated an analysis of a potential site for an Affordable Housing development, and created a calculated real estate investment depreciation schedule for the future group home of four disabled citizens. Thanks to the charitable donations of our valued Members, the FCHC Virginia Community Development Corporation (FCHC) has been able to continue its work in partnership with the City of Falls Church; DHHS. This rewarding program has been of great benefit to the City and the community as a whole. With your support, it is our hope that we can continue this influential program.

FCHC Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report


FCHC Community Engagement

James Moran Community Center THE CREATION of a multipurpose Community Center, was designed with the intention to provide a space where seniors can interact with one another, socialize, host events, and exercise. These services are conducted through Operation Pathways, and our Resident Services Coordinator. However, Winter Hill and FCHC have established even more beneficial uses for this area. The City of Falls Church and DHHS, performs outreach in this location once a month, updating residents on new services, distributing educational materials and transportation coupons for taxis. This is another example of how FCHC and Falls Church work together to provide a service enriched environment for our residents. Community Meetings JAMES MORAN COMMUNITY CENTER is also utilized by other residents that reside in the Winter Hill neighborhood. Community Meetings are held in this location, providing residents from Winter Hill Townhouses and Winter Hill Condominiums a platform to voice their concerns and interact with local government and HOA officials. CASA FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS, FCHC has welcomed CASA, to occupy our offices in Winter Hill. CASA is the largest organization of Latino immigrants in the D.C. Metro region. CASA provides workforce development training, health education, legal services, and financial and language literacy training to immigrant communities. Because of their new location in Winter Hill, our community is now better equipped to serve our senior residents and all immigrant populations residing in Falls Church. FCHC Financial Opportunity Program YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS have resonated with individuals and communities within Falls Church, and the surrounding region. FCHC functions as a Lending Institution, concentrating on establishing returns on noble investments. As Members of FCHC and residents of Falls Church, we are excited to inform you of your direct influence in the development and preservation of 285 affordable housing units throughout the region. It is because of your support, FCHC has been able to create opportunities and pave new avenues for individuals that face limited life choices.

FCHC Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report


Members As of December 31, 2016

FCHC, a Virginia Community Development Corporation, is reliant on these valued partners in the pursuit of our mission. We appreciate their generosity, and hope to gain more partners as we build on this foundation of support.

Sherry & Don Beter Judy & Joe Bracken Marilyn & Paul Bugg Shirley Camp Cathconn

Larry McNickle Martha & Richard Meserve Cindy Mester Alphonse Nguyen Tam Nguyen Christine & Brian O’Connor Carol Ann Siciliano Beyer & Kevin Ogle John Pitas

Kathleen & Robert Donovan Dulin United Methodist Church Leslie & Phillip Duncan

Tutty Fairbanks Mary Fitzgerald Ellen & Richard Flaherty Laurie & Ian Graig Wendy Frieman & Col. David Johnson Dana & R. K. Kaufman Dave Kirkl Korte Realty Susie & Dan Larcamp Willa & Ted Lutz Mary Ann Mahoney

Janet & Richard Qualters Glenda & Steven Rogers Diana & Stephen Ruth Ellen & Carl Salsbury Sharon Schoeller Nancy & Jim Scott Ann O’Neil & Lex Shelton Edith & David Snyder Melissa Teates John Wiant Sara Fitzgerald & Walt Wurfel

FCHC Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report


FCHC Portfolio Asset Management

OPERATIONS AT WINTER HILL AND VIRGINIA VILLAGE continued to be very stable in 2016. Both Winter Hill and Virginia Village were virtually 100% occupied for the past year with minimal turnover—the 2016 annual vacancy loss was less than 1%. The projected net cash flow after debt service for 2016 will be $281,000. Both properties continue to be professionally managed by NDC Management. The City of Falls Church remains very supportive of our mission and properties. At Winter Hill, three noteworthy projects were completed in Fiscal Year 2016 using Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) funding: In March 2016, an emergency heating and cooling generator was installed in the Congressman James Moran Community Center at Winter Hill Apartments. Working with Emergency Manager–Fire Official Tom Polera and the rest of the city team, we realized the community center could provide an important emergency resource for seniors and those with disabilities. Power outages during extreme hot and cold weather conditions can threaten the health and safety of Falls Church citizens, particularly those with limited resources and health challenges. The total cost of the project was $155,643. Of this total, $54,401 was paid by a CDBG grant and the balance was paid from property operating funds. By working together and purchasing a natural gas generator for the Community Center, there is now a known respite from the dangers of extreme temperatures during emergency conditions. We are proud to say the Center is now officially incorporated into the Emergency Operations Plan for the City of Falls Church. Another project was to install a high-efficiency boiler. The total cost of this project was $49,750, of which $49,000 was covered by a CDBG grant with the balance paid by property operating funds. The new boiler will result in future energy savings.

Winter Hill and Virginia Village are both projected to have stable operations in 2017.

Winter Hill Emergency Heating & Cooling Center Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, April 12, 2016

FCHC Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report


Operation Pathways Programming for FCHC Residents

Yoga Class

OPERATION PATHWAYS PROGRAMS for all FCHC residents are conducted in the James Moran Community Center. Under the thoughtful leadership of Resident Services Coordinator, Dong Bui, FCHC offered the following programming in Fiscal Year 2016. Pathway to Aging in Place These programs provide the senior residents of Virginia Village and Winter Hill the necessary tools to ensure economic security, prevent illness, improve health, understand their legal rights, and live in a safe environment. Residents engage in one-on-one, small group, and large group activities and events, all of which engage and hone their social skills. Other Operation Pathways initiatives for FCHC residents included: community-centric celebrations and activities, computer classes, wellness workshops, flu shot clinics, and financial workshops.

Computer Class

FCHC Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report


Our Mission

FCHC’s mission is to preserve and increase service enriched affordable rental housing, serve unmet needs, and help to ensure that low to moderate income people have housing they can afford.

330-B.S. Virginia Avenue, Suite 2 Falls Church, VA 22046 703.241.540 • www.fchccdc.org

Commitment. Experience. Teamwork.

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