NHPF Survey Compendium

• Females are significantly more likely than males to believe community-based non-profit organizations are most effective 26% vs. 19%). • Ages 18–25 also find community-based non-profits most successful, while older generations all favor federal-level housing programs. • Households with incomes of $75,000 or more say that community-based non- profits are most effective; people with income of less than $75,000 indicate that federal-level housing programs can do the best job of ensuring that affordable housing is created wherever necessary. • People who believe unconditionally that housing should be a human right agree that federal-level housing programs are the most effective. Support for affordable housing could be most encouraged by convincing people that society will benefit (2.7 mean out of 5) and that seniors, veterans, and families will also benefit from building more affordable housing (2.7 mean). With a mean of 3.5, respondents would be least encouraged by improving their financial well-being. • Ages 18–25 would be most enticed by society benefitting due to decreased poverty and crime, and economic opportunity arising as a result (2.5 mean), and like every other age or income group, they would be least motivated by improving their personal financial standing (3.8 mean).



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