NHPF Survey Compendium

“These findings confirm that housing is one of the most critical social determinants of health. Even while we are fighting this pandemic, if we want our country healthy again we must redouble our efforts to break down barriers to affordable housing and healthcare for all Americans.” — Dan Field, Executive Director, Community Health & External Affairs, Kaiser-Permanente Housing Stability and Rent • 50% of parents surveyed claim their housing situation was negatively impacted in 2020 • 34% have missed rent payments, up from 12% who missed such payments anytime during the previous decade • The majority of those surveyed who missed rent payments owed between $1,000-$4,999 • Slightly more than 10% of these renters felt a financial squeeze in the last decade and 68% of them reported owing rent payments also between $1,000- $4,999 at some point during the decade Takeaway The eviction moratorium means many of these renters are able to stay in their current housing, however the Aspen Institute finds that tens of millions of people owing back rent may soon be forced out of their homes even with the extension of the eviction moratorium “The Covid-19 pandemic has had devastating impacts on renters’ economic, physical, and emotional well-being. Stable, decent quality, affordable housing is a critical component of the social safety net, and should be funded accordingly.” —Jenny Schuetz, Senior Fellow, Brookings



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