NHPF Affordable Housing & Social Mobility Survey Compendium

Onsite financial education and workforce development programs rank highest. Amenities that attend to life improvement needs and goals have become a critical component of high- quality affordable housing. The survey asked respondents to rank such services on a scale of 1–5, with “1” being “most likely” to improve quality of life. • “Financial education” and “workforce development programs” had the highest number of “1” rankings (25.82% and 27.5 respectively) • “After-school and summer youth programs” (20% ranked number 1) • “Fitness and health programs” (14.5% ranked number 1) • “Community building social events” (12% ranked number 1) “Clearly a majority of Americans consider financial wellness ‘job one’,” said NHPF VP of Resident Services, Ken White. “This finding reinforces the need for affordable housing providers to offer a wealth of onsite educational and other services.” Nearly 40% of respondents fear job loss will lead to loss of housing. In addition, those polled also felt that the following could lead to a loss of housing: Perceived lack of affordable options (28%), increased rents (24%) and retirement (21%). “Job loss is the top concern to those who fear losing their housing; the two go hand-in-hand,” added Burns. Despite these fears, CEO Burns is buoyed by the positive attitudes of survey respondents about affordable housing, adding, “It all starts with housing. Without the underpinning of a secure place to live, it’s nearly impossible for an individual or head of household to find and keep a job and provide for themselves and their loved ones.” To that end, The NHP Foundation is looking to increase its construction and preservation of affordable housing units substantially this year.



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