2018 Symposium Industry Report: Housing & Health

Housing as a Foundational Social Determinant But So Much More


FamilyWell Being

Young Development

Decreased ERVisits and EMS

Family Reunification

GED and Higher Education

Decreased Hospitalizations

Fewer Days in Foster Care

Connection to Caring Adults

Decreased Detox Services

Reduction in Abuse and Neglect Cases

Increased Employment

Reduced Crisis Services Costs

Reduced Rates of Homelessness and Criminal Justice Involvement

Increased School Attendance

Reduces HIV Conversion

Fewer Adverse Childhood Experiences

Reduced Hard Drug Use


Increased Connection to Mental Health

Seniors Care

LessTime Incarcerated

Increased Connection to Primary Care


Avoidance of Falls and ERVisits

Reduced Collateral Consequences for Children

Better Management of Chronic Conditions

Increased Use of Preventative Services

Reduction of Trauma

Nursing Home Avoidance


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