OP Annual Report 2019: How You Live Matters

Celebrating Volunteers: Creating Vibrant Communities

Richard F. Burns

Kenneth D. White

OPERATION PATHWAYS is happy to present our 2019 Annual Report highlighting the ways that residents increase the quality of life in our communities. Operation Pathways assigns an on-site resident services coordinator (RSC) to all properties where we offer resident services. The RSC serves as a case manager, program manager, partnership manager, marketing manager, event planner, and coach. When residents volunteer their time, RSCs can best meet the needs of an entire apartment community. Operation Pathways’ annual goals are only achieved when residents take leadership roles in our programs and services. For that reason, we celebrate and thank resident volunteers in this report. Volunteering is a Win-Win Resident leaders tell us that they love to be active and give back to their own communities, doing work for others, and receiving great benefits in return. Studies have shown that people who are active volunteers in their communities learn new skills, advance their careers, and even improve their mental and physical health. Operation Pathways residents volunteered more than 4,500 hours working alongside staff and volunteers from businesses within the community. These side-by-side volunteer opportunities bring services to the greater community and allow residents to create relationships with potential mentors and employers. Resident Volunteers on the Pathway to Financial Stability Volunteering can lead to increased self-confidence and self-efficacy. Completing assigned tasks provides a feeling of accomplishment enabling the volunteer to better achieve goals. This self-efficacy is an important measurement for employability and career advancement. Operation Pathways’ programs also create opportunities for resident volunteers to make social and professional connections that can improve employment prospects. A job seeker is more likely to gain

2 Operation Pathways, Inc. | Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Report

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