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Going Forward

The NHP Foundation is working to make appropriate housing stock available for the chronically homeless. The answer could be privatized housing vouchers as well as sound investments for funders through concepts like Pay for Success or direct links to Opportunity Zones. As more government and private health care providers recognize the impactful economics of housing and health, they need to make a greater capital commitment to expand these programs. A successful reboot will result in people living in safe, stable, affordable housing while realizing improved health outcomes. The promising collaborations detailed here are only the beginning of what we see as a partnership filled with great potential for the industry and for everyone living in affordable housing and our greater communities. Housing alone does not cure disease, and it doesn’t reunify families, or prevent crime. However, the blending of housing and services unlocks potential and no one does this better than the affordable housing industry which invented the concept. It will take a major, all hands on deck commitment to make existing and future housing available, ramp up services and join with policy and funding leaders to create this needed paradigm shift in affordable housing. Therefore, NHPF urges all those with a stake in the future to take a critical look at how affordable housing has traditionally worked and how we can come together now to surpass those efforts. Together, we can ensure a future that encompasses superior housing and health and improves the lives of economically challenged families, seniors and all of society for years to come.

An Affordable Housing Reboot Will Improve Community Health


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