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An Affordable Housing Reboot Will Improve Community Health

RICHARD F. BURNS President and CEO, The NHP Foundation (NHPF) ROBERT FRIANT Managing Director, External Affairs, Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH)

The NHP Foundation credo “where you live matters” is resonating today as affordable housing industry and healthcare leaders are coming



together to combine safe, clean, secure housing with improved mental and physical health services. NHPF recently joined forces with CSH to call for fresh ways to use housing and health partnerships to bring about significant changes for those in need, including innovative funding approaches such as privatized housing vouchers. Housing is a social determinant of health , we are repeatedly told, and this is particularly true for so many Americans, who are marginalized by multiple barriers and shortchanged by mainstream service systems. Growing awareness of housing’s impact on residents’ health is fueling local and national dialogues for solutions that leverage housing to change the lives of those struggling with complex challenges.

An Affordable Housing Reboot Will Improve Community Health


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