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Entrepreneur, April 26, 2019 How to Avoid a “Snoozefest” and Instead Execute a Well-Regarded B2B Event (continued)

give them unique and memorable learning and entertainment experiences.”

Is this the secret sauce? Maybe! As Jones, the event planner, said, “Personalize your event with custom touches that attendees haven’t experienced at other events. Pro tip: Keep it current and unique, in this age when guests are saturated by the same types of events. Think outside the box and put your own spin on event details.” Most importantly, remember: #No boring events Keep things lively with different mini events within the overall event, and make each one shorter than attendees expect it to be. Nancy Shenkar, a marketing consultant, writer and professional speaker, as well as former CMO of Reed Exhibitions (one of the world’s largest event organizers) told us: “We’re living in the Instagram era and attention spans are incredibly short. Although you need to offer substance to guests, you also want to keep sessions energetic and brief.”

Shenkar added that the trend at innovation events like Collision has been toward 20-minute sessions.” Added Jones:, “Create experiences for your guests where they can actively engage during the event, whether it’s at a VIP meet-and-greet or an interactive food and drink station.” Jones continued: “Think through the flow of your event from a perspective of having guests up and out of their seats at certain times throughout the event, to pique interest.”

Not only will you capture guests’ interest; you’ll avoid having hosted one of those dreaded snoozefests.

Her pro tip: “Pick your speakers and activities wisely and


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