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MHN Multi-Housing News, April 22, 2020 How an ESG-Guided Strategy Transformed a Houston Community (continued)

The Results These were the measurable results produced for Cleme Manor residents and the surrounding neighborhood: • Residents feel safer due to a 27 percent drop in overall crime in the last four years and the continued presence of the neighborhood elementary school. • In 2018, there was a 69 percent decrease from 2014 in security and/or police calls; aggravated assaults dropped by 81 percent; property crimes fell by 72 percent; and drugs or suspicious activities decreased by 40 percent. • Crimes reported per resident also fell as occupancy increased, from 1 crime for every 8 residents in 2014 to 1 crime for every 27 residents in 2018. • Henderson Elementary School remains open with an attendance rate up to 95.4 percent. • There was a 12 percent decrease in economically disadvantaged children and 9 percent decrease in at-risk children. • Disciplinary actions have dropped by 98 percent. • The percentage of students approaching grade level in mathematics has increased by 15 percent.

Cleme Manor’s transformation resulted in measurable success. Residents’ quality of life drastically improved and crime continues to decline. These successful efforts helped keep the local elementary school open, providing another linchpin in the revitalization of the community. NHPF also engaged in necessary due diligence, community outreach and meaningful partnerships with residents of Cleme Manor, local law enforcement officials, community leaders such as Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee in the Fifth Ward, and other stakeholders involved in this process. These steps were crucial in updating the local neighborhood, an achievement which has transformed the lives of Cleme Manor’s residents and the community. ESG principles will continue to inform NHPF’s development strategy moving forward.


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