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Forbes, August 12, 2020 Five Questions Mission-Based Leadership Must Answer in Times of Crisis (continued)

the new world order takes us. Be in constant discussion with property managers as well as every vendor, partner and service provider. Each conversation helps to draft and refine contingency plans. As leaders, you must address the concerns of everyone you do business with today while still planning for tomorrow. 5. Can you do all of this with compassion? While these days are fraught with stress and fear, it is smart and healthy to stay compassionate. It may be natural during times of economic and societal uncertainty to focus on business at the expense of common courtesy. But the two are never mutually exclusive. Taking a moment for kindness provides psychological and physical benefits. A study found that “taking part in self- compassion exercises calms the heart rate, switching off the body’s threat response.” Remind your colleagues and associates to add kindness to each interaction they have. Everyone reaps the rewards of forming more meaningful, productive relationships that carry them into the future.

Keenly important to our work as a not-for-profit, we are reviewing properties, residents and the communities we serve (including our relations with local police) to see if our organization is doing all it can to combat inequality. I also recommend regular companywide polls to ferret out issues that need addressing. 4. Are you able to predict the future? No, of course not. But leaders can put programming and policies into place to proffer the softest possible landing into wherever


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