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Multi-Housing News, September 2, 2021 Remaking Resident Services in a Time of Social Change (continued)

It is important that we all see ourselves in the principles we are employing, because when you can see yourself as both coach and coachable, and employ true empathy, coaching skills will go a lot further. The initial training changed us as individuals, elicited reflection, and allowed us to ask and explore powerful questions. We brought this forth into our organizational training. One of the strongest lessons coming out of the 2020 fight against racism and inequality is the abolishment of looking at the people we serve, as “others.” We are on this journey together with our community members, collaborating with them to build a better, stronger and more equitable society.

and dreams that deserve to be supported. Invite reflection and encourage change through a coaching relationship.

Lift up bright spots and big goals Work hard to connect training to both everyday successes that residents experience and long-term strategy benefiting communities as a whole. We encourage any organization undertaking training to tally the small wins to help build capacity and inspiration for sustained change. Measurement is king The father of modern business management, Peter Drucker is credited with saying, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it,” and this is true of coaching as it is with any other business practice. If you can’t measure something and know the results, you can’t possibly get better at it, therefore incorporate goals into annual plans and develop ways to measure quantitative and qualitative success.

Resident Services coaching is just one way we can work together to attain goals and work towards a more equitable future.


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