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Affordable Housing News, Spring, 2017 Improving Properties, Improving Lives (continued)

“We want to provide clean, safe and attractive housing for people, but we also want to offer things like after-school programs, summer camps, health and wellness programs and programs for seniors,” Burns says.

“We also do financial literacy training and community referrals- things that improve people’s lives.’’

As The NHP Foundation moves into 2017, Burns says its team is keeping a close eye on potential federal legislation that could impact the firm’s ability to help individuals and communities in need. “We will continue to do as much work as we can with our existing inventory,” Burns says. “However, there is great uncertainty right now because we don’t know what will happen with tax reform in Congress and its impact on the Low-Income Housing Tax Credits. A lower corporate tax rate could decrease the value of the credits we’re able to use unless there are offsetting measures. We are working with members of Congress to focus on this issue because there is such a critical need for affordable housing. If they reduce what we can do, it will take a bad situation and make it worse.”

officials believed that much of local crime could be traced back to Cleme Manor. We are doing what we do best-improve the property, people’s lives and the community.” The 284-unit property, originally built in 1970, will soon see new drywall, doors, windows, bathrooms and kitchens, along with Energy Star appliances and high-efficiency HVAC units and water heaters. There are also plans for new laundry facilities, a community gathering space and a play area for children. The groundbreaking for Cleme Manor was also well attended, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Mayor Sylvester Turner and several public officials taking part. In addition to the renovated units, resources will be available to residents at the property.


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