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The Hill, December 25, 2017 All I Want for Christmas is Affordable Housing (continued)

We and our colleagues will continue to explore other innovative solutions to complement existing programs. But today, while our government has not eliminated the programs that are the very lifeblood of the affordable housing industry, we ask lawmakers to help breathe new life into these programs. We urge members to consider a legislative version of the Hippocratic Oath—“First do no harm”—and consider all of their constituents in addressing the critical and growing shortage of affordable housing in the U.S.

What we in the industry would most like to see today is a Congress that not only leaves the highly successful, current tax credit programs in place, but also improves those programs with new legislation such as the bipartisan Cantwell Hatch Bill, which is designed to encourage preservation and construction of thousands of rental housing units by boosting LIHTC allocations. This measure goes a long way to ease America’s lack of affordable housing.


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