The NHP Foundation 2023 Symposium Report

NHPF Industry Report

Co-Creating The Future of Affordable Housing

“Transforming the housing industry will likely take at least a generation. Affordable housing impacts not just construction and financial industries, but needs to account for population growth, demographic shifts, technological disruptions, and environmental changes. While simpler fixes will be accomplished sooner, systemic change will take 15–25 years.” —DR CINDY FREWEN, FAIA, URBAN FUTURIST & ARCHITECT T his study offers insight on how decision-makers in the next decades can harness the power of Construction, Demographics, Government, and Innovation to dramatically increase the availability of smart, safe and reliable affordable housing. It is an amalgam of survey results plus existing third-party research and the expert opinions of the presenters at this year’s NHPF Symposium. One thing that all parties can agree on is the urgency of finding workable strategies to ensure there will be affordable housing in the future.

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