NHPF Annual Report 2012



Ralph F. Boyd, Jr., Chairman Former Executive Vice President of Community Relations FREDDIE MAC CORPORATION Chairman and Chief Executive Officer FREDDIE MAC FOUNDATION

Mansur Abdul-Malik Financial Analyst

Richard F. Burns Chief Executive Officer Trustee

Charlene L. Brisco Senior Accountant

Frank P. Cerbini Vice President Acquisitions

Claude C. Chow Accounting Manager

Robert H. Abrams Director and Founder, Program in Real Estate, Retired CORNELL UNIVERSITY Founder and Former President ABRAMS BENISCH RIKER, INC.

Neal T. Drobenare Vice President New Business Development

James F.Garrett Executive Director Falls Church Housing Corp.

Patrick J. Fry Senior Vice President Acquisitions Fred C. Mitchell Senior Vice President Asset Management

Justin S. Haines Staff Accountant

Richard F. Burns Chief Executive Officer THE NHP FOUNDATION Ellis B. Carr Chief Financial Officer, NCB CAPITAL IMPACT

Lisa T. Hounshell Transactions and Asset Coordinator

Paul A. Mhoon Office Coordinator

Gary J. Parkinson Chief Financial Officer

Teresa A. Turner Assistant for Development, Fundraising

Thomas A. Carr Principal FEDERAL CAPITAL PARTNERS Patricia Diaz Dennis Senior Vice President & Assistant General Counsel, Retired AT&T Cherie Santos-Wuest Principal Investment Officer CONNECTICUT RETIREMENT, PENSION AND TRUST FUNDS Christopher Glenn Sawyer Partner, Retired ALSTON & BIRD

Jamie A. Smarr Vice President

Dawn M. Vincelli Administrative Director

Thomas G. Vaccaro Senior Vice President Secretary Institutional Advancement, Communications

Kenneth D. White Vice President Resident Services

Joseph P. Wiedorfer Senior Vice President Acquisitions Assistant Secretary


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