NHPF Annual Report 2018

Constructing Success: A Commitment to Our Communities & Our Industry

In 2018 NHPF earned a spot in the affordable housing industry “Top 10 Companies Completing Substantial Rehabs” and “Top 50 Affordable Housing Owners.” Our ongoing commitment to HUD’s Better Buildings Challenge resulted in environmental improvements demonstrating annual water consumption savings estimated to exceed 70 million gallons. This past year, our Resident Services affiliate, Operation Pathways was the first to be certified by CORES, a best practices industry organization and served 4,375 individuals.

Today, NHPF has 49 properties with over 8,000 units.

Richard F. Burns

But numbers never tell the whole story . . .

This past year, and every year, NHPF is most proud of how our apartment communities provide home bases from which residents accomplish goals that propel them through life. For example, Kenicha, a single mother, credits a stable living environment with her ability to become a registered nurse. And Gennifer, a chronic diabetic, worked with her resident services coordinator to identify a new, affordable prescription plan to cover her medical costs. In 2019, our 30th year in operation, NHPF will continue to deliver for our residents by looking to add 1000+ housing units and expand to new markets. Our goals also include securing new long-term investment in housing. This investment will allow NHPF to continue to fulfill our mission in the years to come and is also the focus of our third annual Symposium, Affordable Housing Investment: Impactful Returns Realized. For 2019 and beyond, NHPF will always put investment in our residents first and will always ensure that “where you live matters.”

Richard F. Burns President & Chief Executive, NHPF

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